The Library Director

is responsible for all aspects of library management, and constantly strives to improve and enlarge library services.  The Director must maintain a good relationship with local government, the school system, general public, and staff.  Attendance at library meetings, workshops, and conventions is important and expected.



  • Bachelor’s degree or library technical assistant associate degree or certificate from accredited college or university or five years of appropriate library experience.
  • Level III certification by Oklahoma Department of Libraries.
  • Access to transportation.




1.    Qualify for state aid by meeting state aid rules and regulations and submitting required state reports.

2.    Develop long-range plans for the library.

3.    Maintain a statistical account of circulation, registration, acquisitions, interlibrary loans, researchwork and patron usage in accordance with established library procedures.  Compile and report these statistics to library board, local government, and state library as required by these agencies.

4.    Work with library board to use statistical information to assess the library's operational effectiveness, library's progress, and as a determining guide for policy-making decisions.

5.    Work with the Friends of the Library.

6.    Maintain a good relationship with local government, school system, general public, and library staff by preserving a cooperative, attentive, and considerate attitude toward all demands made of the librarian.

7.    Develop technology plan for continuing public Internet access.

8.   Participate in the hiring, promotion, demotion, and termination process by making recommendations to the Library Board.




1.    Prepare a sound library budget and justify it to town council and to library board.

2.    Maintain file of library needs, supply orders, expenditures, and submitted estimates.

3.    Maintain accounting of all paid invoices.

4.    Submit budget data to state library via electronic annual report due on August 15th to state library.




1     Responsible for all library public relations and activities within the library and to the community.

2.    Arrange for radio, television, newspaper, and Internet publicity. 

3.    Stay informed of developments in the community by participating in activities of community organizations, agencies, clubs, and civic groups and actively promote the library to these groups by preparing and presenting programs explaining library usage, library services, and library programs.

4.    Provide materials for each school classroom promoting and publicizing summer reading activities.

5.    Merchandise materials and services in library by creating attractive subject displays; displays of new materials; new and existing services; attractive bulletin boards, etc.  Arrange for temporary use of various articles of interest for display in the cases according to library policy.




1.    Participate in summer reading program by presenting at least 8 programs during the summer.

2.    Plan and coordinate programs, including outreach programs for non-users and the disadvantaged, service to senior citizens, shut-ins, minorities, inmates of correctional institutions and the deprived.

3.    Co-ordinate pre-school curriculum with children's librarian.

4.    Co-ordinate and conduct seasonal events.

5.    Conduct tours of library.

6.    Present adult programs.




1.    Supervise the process of interlibrary loan.  Maintain an accurate accounting of all interlibrary loan transactions by filing requests and entering total requests on monthly and annual reports.

2.    Maintain file of patron's requests and recommendations for consideration for purchase, according to established library procedure.

3.    Strive always to improve and enlarge library services by utilizing every means to encourage widespread use of the library.

4.    Compile bibliographies on specific subjects at the request of patrons and educators and provide other research assistance as needed.

5.    Answer research questions in the library, online, and by phone.    

6.    Prepare reading lists and bibliographies of special value to children or adults working with children's groups.

7.    Work with other agencies serving children; i.e. schools, boy and girl scouts, day care centers, etc.

8.    Instruct patrons in use of equipment.

9.   Maintain the library web site.

10.  Monitor and maintain the library social media sites.




1.    Develop a responsive plan of collection development.

2.    Supervise a regular and systematic weeding of the library collection by utilizing a knowledge of books and the needs of the community, intellectual worth, currency, circulation, and probable usefulness of a book, and withdrawing for discard any volume that is obsolete and deemed a liability rather than an asset.

3.    Supervise disposal of withdrawn materials in strict accordance with library policy as established by the library board.

4.    Select research materials which will help in developing a current and comprehensive research collection.

5.    Arrange collection in functional design for patron access to needed information.

6.    Integrate bookstore and genre shelving with the Dewey decimal system.




1.    Maintain familiarity with automated cataloguing and circulation procedures.

2.    Catalogue and supervise the cataloging of all acquisitions in MARC format in the automated catalogue.

3.    Withdraw deleted titles from the automated catalogue.

4.    Upgrade the library automation program and network as technology advances.




1.    Maintain proficiency in Microsoft Office, including ability to create spreadsheets.

2.    Maintain proficiency in Photoshop Elements and other photo editing software.

3.    Understand and use principles of HTML.

4.    Understand IT networking and troubleshooting.

5.    Type, file, spell, and alphabetize accurately.

6.    Use office machines including cash register, scanner, copier, fax, computer, printer.

6.    Show proficiency in mathematical operations including decimals and fractions.

7.    Use small tools including drills, saws, and sanders.

8.    Assemble shelving and other furniture.




1.    Must be able to maintain a stationary position 50% of time.

2.    Must constantly operate office machines including calculator, computer, printer, copy machine, fax.

3.    Must constantly fold and secure book jacket covers.

4.    Must be able to lift 20-50 pounds daily.

5.    Must be able to ascend/descend ladders and stairs.

6.    Constantly must position body to work under tables, reach top and bottom shelves, and sit on floor.

5.    Must be able to detect the presence of patrons and delivery persons both in the immediate vicinity and also in other rooms.



This job description is subject to revision and change.                                                           Revised and adopted 1/8/2018