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Thank You! You go above and beyond--always. Your generosity is overwhelming and on-going and provides a bridge over streams of difficulty, rivers of impossibility.

You provide the warm...the down home...the soft rug where we curl up with a really good book and dream long dreams...

Thank you, Patricia, for your on-going support.
Reading Rug in the Children's Area
New Titles Bill & Barb, books and public relations and just plain friendship--thank you.

                   You bring rich gifts to us,
                         the books we cannot buy:
                               from the Hot new titles...

Tammy, our mystery readers are enriched by your reading!
Sharon & Pete, without your reading style, we would be so monochomatic.  Thank you for taking us out to the edge!

                 ...to the traditional, the literary,
                          the just plain unusual!

From ghosts, to Celts, to the best of literature, you fill our stacks with delightful adventure.  Thank you, for saving the best for us.

P.G.Wodehouse in the British Lit section--Thank you, Mr. O'Neill!

Donated magazine subscriptions make up most of the periodical offerings of the library. Helen, books, magazines, web sites, upcoming events--you alert us to whatever is new, or significant, or simply interesting==Thank you for watching the world and bringing it to our door.
             You inform us...

...and entertain!

Tom & Janice, we would have so few books on CD, if you were not so generous.  All the travelers on the road say, 'Thanks, for making the journey brighter.'
Books on tape and books on CD--from the cab of a truck to the cab of a tractor, we listen to books on the go.
Lone Star School Exhibit
You help us
Remember Richard Simunek
the brick street sign for the library
...and you provide for us a signpost on our way.
Robert and Beatrix Barr