April 19, 2003
Shane Adams

Chad, Susan, Jo, and myself convoyed with Chris Sokol and Tim Mitchell. We targeted northern Oklahoma, on a day when the dryline was acting very strangely, orienting itself increasingly-diagonal as the day went on, from northwest to southeast. We decided northern Oklahoma, west of I-35, was the best chance for supercells inside the juicy air. We drove west on OK51 to Hennessey, where we stopped, got out, and watched the sky. Multiple storms were firing everywhere, and I realized they would all be competing and this would hurt our chances for discrete supercells.

Eventually one storm did become dominant, so we headed back east on OK51 towards it. We turned north onto I-35 after OUN came over the scanner reporting on another storm north of us showing a meso/TVS tag with a hook on radar. We ditched our original storm and went after this new one. Right as we got to it, it became outflow dominant and, despite its beautifully-sculptured look, was no longer a tornado threat. We moved a few miles east of I-35 near Braman, let it roll over us, and then headed home.