This articulation of the mission of the Hennessey Public Library is guided by the following principles:

  1. Knowledge provides the foundation of any civilization, is essential for the understanding of the relationship of a society to its time, and is the basis for future advances in technology, philosophy, theology, and the arts.
  2. Free access to uncensored information is necessary for the development of knowledge.
  3. Individuals in a free society have the right and the responsibility of assessing for themselves the truth, value, and usefulness of information.
  4. It is the purpose of a library to be the repository of information, both present and arcane; and in a free society, it is the purpose of a library to be an accessible repository for uncensored information in forms usable to the broadest spectrum of patrons.
  5. No library will have the facilities necessary to maintain all existent information, but every library has the responsibility to preserve information unique to the society it serves and for whose purposes it exists.


    It is the mission of the Hennessey Public Library to acquire, preserve, and maintain free access to information for patrons in the Hennessey sevice area.