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Oreo says, 'Meoo' (hello).

Meet Oreo, the Library Kat!

In September of 2008, we were pulling out fall decorations for the library and discovered that mice had eaten several of them. I've fought mice in this building for 12 years and was absolutely exasperated. "We need a library CAT," I said. But I was just being frustrated...

Two days later, September 10, 2008 (a date we will have to remember), I'm here at the library working the desk alone while the other librarians are off for lunch, phone to my ear and trying to check out a patron, when we hear this loud meowing. There at the front door stands a cat, up on his back two legs, one paw leaning on the glass and the other paw pounding on the door--Let Me In!

What could we do? We let him in.

He went straight to my office and took over my desk, my chair, my computer, my monitor, and my heart. He knew who to schmooze.

He has had his shots, flea and tick protection, THE procedure...and he never stops purring. He is very gentle and loving and (generally) well-behaved. So far, he fits the job description of a Library Cat perfectly. We've submitted his residency to the register of library cats at

I'm just waiting for the day he brings me his first mouse!