The Hennessey Public Library has several areas that may be used for meetings:  The Oklahoma Room, the children's room, the large print room, and the young people's study area.  It is part of the library's service to the community to open these areas to the public for use after library hours.




POLICY STATEMENT:  Any Hennessey organization may reserve a library area for meetings open to the public and held after library hours Monday through Friday. 




POLICY STATEMENT:  Any meeting open to the public without charge may be scheduled without cost to the group conducting the meeting.  If a fee is collected from participants, the library will collect a $25.00 usage fee.  Membership dues are not considered a participant fee.




     1.  Fee will be collected at time of scheduling.

     2.  Fee will be deposited into the Library Special Account.

3.  The amount of the fee will not be available for library expenditure until after the meeting.

4.  Should the meeting be canceled, a refund check will be issued by the library board at its next scheduled meeting.




POLICY STATEMENT:  The meeting will be recorded on the library calendar at time of scheduling with the signature of the responsible person.




     1.  Check calendar for scheduling conflicts.

     2.  Record meeting and request patron's signature.

     3.  Print patron's name, address, and phone number.

     4.  Collect fee, if applicable.






POLICY STATEMENT:  Groups meeting in the library must have one responsible adult for every five juveniles under the age of 18.  Total number of persons accommodated by each area of the library must not exceed the following:


      1.  Children's Room--30

      2.  Heritage Room--20

      3.  Young Adult Reference Area--10

      4.  Large Print Room--20




POLICY STATEMENT:  The group scheduling the meeting will designate a person responsible for maintaining the security of both the library and the city hall area.  The north library door will remain locked during the meeting and entrance will be through the south door.  In the absence of a librarian, the responsible person will be issued a key and will return tables, chairs, etc. to the proper areas.   If a librarian is not to be present, the responsible person must be authorized by the Library Board.  The key must be returned no later than 6 pm of the next working day.




1.  Library Board will approve the group's responsible party.

2.  Library staff will issue a key and a copy of the meeting rules to the responsible person on the day of the meeting.

3.  Library staff will admit the group's responsible person and determine that the north doors are locked before leaving.

4.  Library staff will remind the group's responsible person that the south door must be locked and that person must leave through and lock the north door, and determine that the city door is securely locked after exit.



Adopted 5-8-97