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1935 to present
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1935 March 7 An organizational meeting for a community library is held in the IOOF reception room. Dr. H. Violet Sturgeon, President of the Hennessey American Association of University Women (AAUW), agrees to serve as temporary chairman. The AAUW, Country Club Homemakers Club, and Lions pledge cooperation.
1938 January AAUW meets in the home of Mrs. Burla Snyder and vote to gather books from their homes to be left in the office of Dr. Sturgeon for children who might wish to borrow them.
March 15 Mrs. J. R. Dale, the secretary of the State Library Commission comes to Hennessey to help organize the library and gives a speech in the high school auditorium (library is currently housed in the old high school adjacent to that auditorium).
March 19 AAUW meets and agrees to begin the library in the town hall if the bond issue passes to remodel.
March 23 Bond issue passes to finance the remodeling of the town hall (Memorial Hall).

The organizers set a goal of 500 books to be acquired by May 1st. Mrs. Hutoka Carrie Ortman is the driving force.

  • Book Matinee at the Ortman Theater--371 books
  • Dal's Barbershop: free haircut exchanged for good book--27 books
  • Stewart Sevice Station: a quart of oil for a good book--8 books
  • Johnston's Cafe: plate lunch exchanged for a good book--31 books
  • Mr. Brown: repaired heels in exchange for books

    1300 books are donated with no place to house them.

  • June 6 The name THE HENNESSEY PUBLIC LIBRARY is adopted.
    Summer The W.P.A. book repair project renovates 1200 books.
    Dec. 8 The new library room is dedicated in Memorial Hall.
    1939... ...1940 Girls from the National Youth Administration project are librarians trained, supervised and salaried by the W.P.A.
  • Norman Payne
  • Maxine Dittee
  • Mary May
  • Helen Jungle
  • 1940 Librarians: Mrs. Faye Stanfil and Mrs. Mable Hannon
    First Programs: First Children's Story Time is organized.

    Vacation Reading Club organized with 75 enrolled.

    Reading certificates presented for readers of 10 books.

    First yearly statistics:

  • Borrowers--1,126

  • Books Borrowed--5,363

  • Patrons Visiting Library--4,244

    Vacation Reading Club organized with 75 enrolled. Reading certificates presented for readers of 10 books.

    The library is open until 9PM and on Saturday.

  • 1948 Library receives bonds totaling $4500 from settlement of Annette B. Ehler Estate.
    1956 Zoa Crosswhite is Town Librarian.
    1965 Esther Staggs and Etta Rothmire are librarians.
    1977 September Library recieves $2000 grant for work with senior citizens in their homes and at nursing homes.

    Library purchases large print books, cassette tapes, magnifiers.

    1978 Dec. 4 The First Move: to a larger room in Memorial Hall.
    1980 July 2 Etta Rothmire retires.
    August Christie Huntsberger is hired as Library Assistant.
    September Free pre-school program: "Kid Power."
    October FOL organized with 20 members.
    1984 August Memorial Hall demolished.

    The Second Move: Library moves to current location in the old high school.

    New bookcases built in place and painted bright colors.

    1985 July 11 New title for Christie Huntsberger: Director of Children's Programs.

    Librarian Esther Staggs is honored for 20 years of service to the library.

    Kay Campbell hired as substitute librarian.

    1986 Kay Campbell becomes Story Hour librarian.
    1989 Nettie Racer assists with children's storytime.
    1996 January FOL reorganized.
    February Kingfisher County votes for a 1/2 cent sales tax--3% for Kingfisher & Hennessey libraries.
    March Clay Pope visits library to present State Aid check.
    October Mary Haney becomes Library Director. Kay Campbell named Children's Librarian. Nettie Racer is Assistant Children's Librarian.
    November New library shelving for children's area and reference area.
    1997 Oklahoma Room is opened--Oklahoma reference and representative titles from 1890-1990s by decade.

    Paperback Book Swap begins.
    Mr. Hart's Reading Room is opened.
    Videos are offered for first time.
    December LSTA grant for computer system. Public access to the Internet begins via dial-up connection. New library shelving in expanded Young Adult reading area.
    1998 January Athena automation system on-line.

    Automated circulation and cataloguing with barcoded books and patron cards.

    Retrospective conversion begins.

    Internet based interlibrary loan through OLTN.
    Application for Universal Service e-rate.
    Hutoka Ortman Memorial Film Collection is created with 25 AFI 100 Best Film videos.
    Bill Buie Hennessey Clipper Microfilm Memorial created with microfilm from1890 to 1951.
    New library shelving in adult non-fiction area.
    1999 CD collection begins with classical music selections, jazz, sound tracks, and rock 'n roll.
    City-wide vote on 1/2 cent sales tax to renovate old grade school for library/museum fails.
    December Spanish language computer provided by Gates Library Inititive, Handicapped Access computer by Oklahoma Developmental Disablilies Council.
    2000 DVD collection begins with classic televisions series: Star Trek and Twilight Zone
    2001 Library automation complete!
  • 23,208 items in the collection
  • 1,350 patrons
  • 2,058 population
  • 2002 Jan. 30-
    Feb. 6
    The Great Ice Storm of 2002--five days out of service...
    2007 September The entire 12,545 square feet of the 1928 high school building becomes library space!
    2008 REAP grant awarded for making restrooms ADA compliant.
    ODL Library Construction Grant awarded for heat and air unit replacement, renovation of front entry for ADA compliance, and air conditioning the auditorium.
    2009 First Summer Reading program offered in air conditioned auditorium.
    History Center named The Sam and Burla Snyder Memorial History Center
    Threats to Your Collection Grant awarded for archival safe cabinets in the Snyder Center
    2012 Digitalization of the Hennessey Clipper begins.
    Collection placed on library webpage.
    2010 July Amo Leer Grant awarded for Spanish/English children's books and shelving.
    2013 February eBooks Arrive! Library joins Oklahoma Virtural Libraries Consortia
    To Infinity! ...and beyond! Still here! Lights on, doors open, and determined to be better than ever!