The Library Board will meet May 8, 2017, 4:30 PM at the Sam and Burla Snyder Memorial History Center in the Library.

  1. Reading of Minutes
  2. Purchase Order Review
  3. Library Reports
    1. Library
    2. Financial
  4. Other Reports
    1. History of Library at Current Location--Karla VanGee
    2. Tour of The Brick--Karla VanGee and Karen Vogt
  5. Recommendations may be submitted for the agenda until time of posting
  6. Accept/Reject Resignations
  7. Citizens Comments
  8. Other Matters Unforeseen

This notice will be posted at the library by Mary Haney, Director.

Connie Franks, President
Karla Van Gee, Secretary
Jewel Babiak
Arlene Poteet
Ann Taylor