In the interest of assisting young people who have made errors in judgment and found themselves before the court, the Hennessey Public Library will on occasion accept youthful offenders who wish to do community service in the library or who are placed through some other court-sponsored program. In the interest of patron safety, the library will not accept juvenile offenders who have committed crimes involving a controlled dangerous substance or violence. Also, because of lack of staff, the library will not accept more than two offenders at one time. The following procedures should be followed by authorities wishing to place a juvenile in the library:
  1. Contact the City Clerk with the request.
  2. Specify the times the juvenile will be expected to be in the library.
  3. Describe the terms of the agreement with the juvenile.
  4. Be specific about what is expected of the librarian.
  5. Provide a sign-in sheet or accept the form used by the City of Hennessey.
  6. State that the juvenile has not been convicted of crimes involving violence or a controlled dangerous substance.

The City Clerk will make the request of the library director who will consider the staff and time constraints and make the decision to accept or reject the juvenile.

The following conditions must be approved by the court:
  1. Community Service is defined as work. Only time spent in actual work will be counted on the Community Service time sheet.
  2. Tutoring must be arranged by the student or be self-administered. No staff is available for tutoring.
  3. Library staff cannot force the juvenile to remain in the library. However, for the information of the court, days with late arrivals, early departures, or departure/returns will be noted on the timesheet .

Any juvenile involved in inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the library.
With cause, the librarian may terminate the program without notice but must give explanation of reason.

Adopted 4-8-1999
Reviewed 11-06-2003
Reviewed 6-5-2008