In fulfilling the mission of the Hennessey Public Library, the staff will offer interlibrary loan services to patrons and will participate in the Oklahoma Department of Librariesí Statewide Interlibrary Loan Program.


POLICY STATEMENT: Staff will comply with the guidelines and agreement for interlibrary loan with other Oklahoma libraries.


1.The director will sign the contracting agreement and be responsible for compliance with all guidelines.

2.Interlibrary loan service will be made available to all library patrons in good standing.

3.Hennessey Public Library will be responsible for borrowed material from the time it leaves the supplying library until it has been returned to and received by the supplying library.

4.Hennessey Public Library will be responsible for return postage and lost material fees.

5.The borrowing patron will pay a fee of $2.50 for return postage at the time the patron receives the item.

6.The borrowing patron will be responsible for reimbursing Hennessey Public Library for damage fees, but will not be responsible for items lost in the mail.

7.Hennessey Public Library will replace or compensate the lending library for any materials lost or damaged in accordance with the preference of the lending library.



The library patron will be responsible for receiving and returning the loaned material in a timely manner.


1.The patron must not request an item needed within a 4 day or less period of time.

2.The patron must have a valid telephone number on file with the library.

3.The patron will be notified on the day of arrival of a request and must pick up the item within 5 days.

4.The patron is responsible for the postage for items loaned whether the item was picked up or sent back at the end of the 5 day hold period.

5.The patron is responsible for reimbursing the library for any late fees or fees for damage incurred.

6.A patron owing fines or fees to the library will not be allowed to use the interlibrary loan service until the fees are paid in full.


Proposed 11-8-2012