The Hennessey Public Library welcomes gifts and donations from its patrons.  These thoughtful contributions help enrich and improve public library resources.  How these gifts are to be used is determined by the library staff and board.





POLICY STATEMENT:  All gifts, whether of money or real property, are accepted by the library in accordance with its materials selection policy and are used to further the acquisition goals of the library in accordance with its strategic plan.  Gifts that do not fit the criteria of the selection policy or fulfill the mission of the library may be rejected or accepted to be sold.  All gifts become the property of the library to be used at will.




  1. Designated monetary contributions will be expended by the library board in accordance with the usage designated by the donor.
  2. Designated monetary contributions that do not conform to the mission of the library may be rejected.
  3. Undesignated monetary contributions will be used at the discretion of the library director to meet the goals of the strategic plan of the library board.  Undesignated funds may be accumulated for large purchase items or may be added to the library’s certificate of deposit or other investments.
  4. Memorial or celebratory books or materials may be donated to honor a friend or relative and will be designated as such in the library catalogue and marked with a special bookplate or other designation.
  5. Used books and paperbacks will be evaluated for inclusion in the collection according to the library’s selection policy.  Those which do not meet the criteria, contain outdated information, or are duplicates, or in poor condition may be sold in the annual Friends of the Library (FOL) book sale or given away as prizes in the various library or FOL programs.
  6. All gifts will be withdrawn in the same manner and using the same criteria as purchased materials.  The library will not notify the donors of withdrawal or replacement of gift items.





POLICY STATEMENT:  The library does not make appraisals of gifts.  The Internal Revenue Service considers the library to be an interested party which, therefore, precludes appraisals of any gift or donation, and the acceptance of a gift appraised by a third party does not in any way imply endorsement of the appraisal by the library.  However, the library will, upon request, provide the donor with an acknowledgement of the donation.




  1. Library staff will include the name of the donor (if known) when cataloging books or materials.
  2. The donor may request a bibliography of items donated to the library for any purpose, but the replacement cost assigned in cataloging shall not in any way be considered an appraisal of real value.
  3. Library staff will check any donor prepared list of donations for completeness and sign an acknowledgement or a receipt, but will not endorse any valuation made by the donor.
  4. Lists of yearly donations kept for library benefactors will not include appraisals of cost, but may include disposition of the materials, i.e. on shelf, discard, book sale, give-away, branch outlet, etc.




POLICY STATEMENT:  The Hennessey Public Library is enriched by donations from its patrons, and there are some patrons who go far beyond the occasional gift and year after year provide sustained giving of money and materials.  These patrons are recognized as benefactors and are given special recognition and privileges.




  1. A Benefactor is defined as a donor who gives consistently over a period of years and whose accumulated giving is significantly higher than the accumulated giving of other patrons.
  2. The library director will prepare a special packet of recognition to present to the benefactor which may include a letter of appreciation, a discount card for book sales and copy fees, a fine-forgiven card, and an invitation to be recognized on the website as a library benefactor.
  3. The director will be sensitive to any benefactor’s wish for anonymity and will, with the library board, determine other ways to show appreciation to anonymous donors.