It is the mission of the Hennessey Public Library to acquire, preserve and maintain free access to information for the citizenry of the Hennessey area.  Therefore, exhibits sponsored by the library will be designed to educate or inform the public.  The library provides its own exhibits, either prepared by library staff or solicited from others, and the director and library board consider requests to provide temporary space for other unsolicited exhibits.




POLICY STATEMENT:  Exhibit spaces should stimulate interest in information, education, cultural involvement, heritage, and recreation, and must uphold the mission of the library. 




1.  The director shall accept or reject material for display based on its suitability to the exhibit.

2.  Library staff will prepare or solicit exhibitions of books, crafts, artwork and sculpture, movies and other entertainment media, and historical artifacts in accordance with the selection policy of the library.

3.  The director will give priority to exhibits which promote interest in the use of books and other library resources.

4.  Library staff may prepare or solicit exhibits which include information about community affairs, organizations, services, and activities.

5.  The director will determine that all materials for exhibition will be physically appropriate for the library setting.




POLICY STATEMENT:  The library welcomes community involvement and considers proposals for exhibits from state or federal agencies, historical or charitable organizations, library patrons and community partners in Kingfisher County.




1.  The director will designate areas appropriate for public display.

2.  Individuals/groups must submit to the library board written proposals describing the exhibit.

3.  The board will approve or reject the exhibit on the basis of its relationship to the mission of the library and its meeting the criteria set forth in the library’s selection policy.

4.  The library director will schedule the exhibit’s opening and closing dates.

5.  The exhibitors will be responsible for mounting, maintaining, and removing the exhibit.  If library staff must dismantle an exhibit after the scheduled time, the exhibitor may be billed for staff time.

6.  Any costs incurred are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

7.  Exhibits must include the following disclaimer:  “This exhibit was produced by (Name of Organization).  The views are of the organization represented and do not necessarily represent that of the Hennessey Public Library staff or board.”  The name of the group and a contact person with telephone number must also be displayed.  Failure to do so will cause the exhibit to be removed.





POLICY STATEMENT:  The library complies with all local, state, and federal law and requires that all exhibitors observe these legalities.  In addition, the library is committed to the promotion of civil discourse and will not tolerate defamation, incitation to violence, or material which advocates the violation of any criminal law.  In addition, exhibit space is not to be used as advertising space for commercial businesses or political candidates.





POLICY STATEMENT:  The library staff and board assume no responsibility for the preservation or protection, and no liability for possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited.  All items placed in the library are there at the owner’s risk.




1.  The library staff will appropriate or dispose of abandoned exhibit materials after reasonable effort has been made to contact the exhibitor.

2.  Materials will be considered to be abandoned after a period of six months from the closing date of the exhibit.

3.  Exhibitors must sign the Release of Liability Form before any artifact can be placed in the library.








Hennessey Public Library Display and Exhibit Release


I, the undersigned, hereby lend the following works of art or other material to the Hennessey Public Library for exhibit purposes only.  In consideration of the privilege of exhibiting them in the Library, I hereby release said Library from responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction while they are in the possession of the Library.  I understand that I am responsible for mounting, maintaining, and removing the exhibit and agree that all abandoned items shall become the property of the library to be disposed of at will.


Title of Exhibit: ________________________________________________________________


Exhibition to be held in the________________________________________________________


Beginning Date: __________________                                   Ending Date: ___________________


Description of materials loaned





Signature: _________________________________________     Date: ____________________


Address: __________________________________________     Telephone: _______________