This articulation of the mission of the Hennessey Public Library is guided by the following principles:


1.  Knowledge provides the foundation of any existent civilization, is essential for the understanding of the relationship of a society to its milieu, and is the basis for future advances in technology, philosophy, theology, and the arts.

2.  Free access to uncensored information is necessary for the development of knowledge.

3.  Individuals in a free society have the right and the responsibility of assessing for themselves the truth, value, and usefulness of information.

4.  It is the purpose of a library to be the repository of information, both present and arcane; and in a free society, it is the purpose of a library to be an accessible repository for uncensored information in forms usable to the broadest spectrum of patrons.

5.  No library will have the facilities necessary to maintain all existent information, but every library has the responsibility to preserve information unique to the society it serves and for whose purposes it exists.



It is the mission of the Hennessey Public Library to acquire, preserve, and maintain free access to information for patrons in the Hennessey Service Area.




The Hennessey Public Library will select materials, services, and programs in a variety of formats that will meet present and anticipated future informational needs of the greater Hennessey area.  Information is understood to be from all available areas including but not limited to technology, the humanities, and recreation.  Selection policies will be in accordance with the adopted mission statement of this library and must be approved by the Library Board of Directors meeting in regular session.  Additions, deletions, or modifications may be submitted by directors, staff, or the public for consideration of the Board, and objections to selection of library materials, services, or programs must be submitted to the Board in writing on the form provided


Specifically, the Hennessey Public Library selects materials, services and programs which:


1.  Serve the informational needs of the larger community including people of minority race, creed, age, or ethnic background

2.  Provide a broad selection of recreational choices for all age groups

3.  Preserve the unique heritage of the Hennessey pioneer area

4.  Provide for educational enrichment

5.  Stimulate questioning and study through presentation of opposing viewpoints on contemporary social issues

6.  Present opportunities for self-study and personal enhancement in areas such as citizenship, job-related skills, personality development, and interpersonal relationships

7.  Enhance the cultural development of the community

8.  Increase knowledge of the world and the interrelationship of its peoples

9.  Reflect a variety of technologies representative of contemporary usage




The library director shall have the authority and responsibility for selection and maintenance of all library materials within the collection and must make selections on the basis of the Hennessey Public Library Selection Criteria Policy..  Staff, library board members, and the general public may make recommendations or requests for additions or deletions to the collection but the responsibility for selection is specifically delegated to the library director.  When making selections in fields outside the specific expertise of the library director, the director shall exercise recourse to professionals within those fields.  The library director may also delegate responsibility for selection and maintenance of materials to staff members determined to be appropriate on the basis of knowledge or experience.




The selection of materials and services which provide, maintain, or enhance information is of necessity a subjective process.  The financial and spatial limitations of a library, particularly a regional library in an under populated area, require selection decisions which place the library director in the position of determining which materials and services will most adequately meet the informational needs of the public and which will not.  Rejection of available choices is a form of censorship imposed by the realities of limitation.  At present, no library can contain all available information.  Therefore, upon this subjective process must be imposed objective criteria for selection which will provide a measurable standard for accountability.  Not all selections will meet all criteria, but all selections must be recognized as having been made on the basis of the criteria herein.


Materials and services of the Hennessey Public Library will be selected on the basis of present, past, or future informational merit.


This merit shall be determined by the following criteria:


1.  Public demand

2. Literary or educational value as evidenced by inclusion in academic anthologies or reading lists.

2.  Artistic merit as determined by professional consensus evidenced in such documents as reviews, journal endorsements, awards, peer recommendation, inclusion in recognized collections or anthologies, et al.

3.  Classic status as evidenced by reinterpretive presentations in a variety of media over a number of generations.

4.  Practical usage

5.  Predictive viability approved by authorities in the respective fields.

6.  Clear articulation of variant, dissident, or adversarial viewpoints

7.  Historical value

8.  Insight into human or social conditions

9.  Clear explanation of a recognizable process

10.  Common usage as determined by inclusion in other libraries.

11.  Lack of information on a given subject in the library collection.

12. Inclusion in the lifetime body of work of a recognized artist, author, or other professional.


Priority of selection will be determined by the limiting factors of resources and will change as these resources change.  The short and long term selection priorities will be enumerated in the written library plan and will be evaluated each year after the yearly library report is complete and modified if necessary. 




Library materials will be selected from a wide variety of topics, including controversial issues, for the purpose of educating, informing, and entertaining the community.  The library will strive to select materials that represent differing viewpoints and the reader will be allowed to draw his own conclusions on important questions.  Materials containing words or situations that may be objectionable to some patrons will not be excluded on the basis of these incidences.  Patrons are expected to exercise their right to return materials they find personally offensive and to monitor the reading of their minor-aged children for appropriateness.  No patron may determine for all others the level of acceptability of controversial materials.  However, selection criteria for controversial materials will remain the same as for all others.  No item will be included  in the collection simply to shock or offend the reading public.


The Hennessey Public Library supports intellectual freedom and endorses the following intellectual freedom statements:  "Freedom to Read"  (American Library Association), "Freedom to View" (Educational Film Library Association), and "Library Bill of Rights" (American Library Association).




In a free and democratic society, every citizen is responsible for his own action.  Free access to information is the right of every reader in such a society; therefore, personal censorship is the responsibility of the reader alone.  Parents or guardians having responsibility for children have also the authority to determine what is appropriate or inappropriate for their children and may choose to restrict the reading materials chosen.  However, the right of free access to reading materials shall not be denied to others. 



Citizens who wish materials or services to be reconsidered for selection should submit a "Reconsideration of Library Materials Request Form" to the Library Director.  Three members of the Library Board will be chosen to read the materials, reviews of the materials, and the reconsideration request.  The standard for evaluation of objections to materials will be the Hennessey Public Library Selection Criteria. A written recommendation will be presented to the Library Director for consideration and final judgement.  The Library Director may choose to retain, remove, or change the location or reading level or the materials.  The patron may then appeal the decision to the Library Board.





Request initiated by:                                                                                                                          


Telephone:                                                         Address:                                                                   


City:                                                                  Zip:                                                                           


Item Description:






Publisher or Producer:                                                                                                                        


Date of Publication or Production:                


Person making the request represents:      her/himself            group/organization


Name of group:                                                                                                                                  


Address of group:                                                                                                                              


1.  Did you review the entire item?      If not, what sections did you review?                                 




2.  What do you believe is the theme or purpose of this material?                                                    




3.  To what in the item do you object?  (Please be very specific.  Cite page numbers and passages or frames or sections).



4.  Explain how this material fails to meet the standard of the Hennessey Library Selection Criteria:



5.  Do you see any value in the use of this item?  (Instructional, literary, self improvement, information on controversial issue)                                                                                                     




6.  Are you aware of reviews of this material by educational or literary critics?  (Please attach copies)




7.  Should the opinion of any additional experts be considered?         If yes, please list suggestions:




8.  Would you care to recommend other material in place of this item which you consider to be of equal or superior quality for the purpose intended?






9.  What action would you like to see the library take with this material?


                        Replace the material with one of more suitable quality


                        Relocate the material to a more appropriate area


                        Reclassify the age-level


                        Remove the material entirely




Date                                           Signature


Title 17, United States Code, governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.  Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries are authorized to produce a photocopy or other reproduction.  One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or other reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research."  If a customer makes a request, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that customer may be liable for copyright infringement. 


Also, it is illegal for the Library to photocopy material in anticipation of a need.  Therefore, information filed for future use must be original material and not copies.    Adopted 01-07-99




The Hennessey Public Library does not accept library materials on approval or for review before purchase.  All library materials must be approved for purchase by the library director before shipment.  Telephone solicitors will be informed of this policy.          Adopted 07-06-2000


A.  Print Formats


1.     Books




           Fiction--Materials used for recreational reading and entertainment will be selected from current bestseller and bookseller lists with particular emphasis on titles from authors that are local favorites.  Oklahoma authors and titles will be acquired.  Discount booksellers, book clubs, and publishers will be sources for titles.  Book reviews, patron requests, endorsements, and professional recommendations will be considered in book choices.


           Non-fiction--Materials that meet the research needs of student patrons will be given first priority for purchase.  Second in priority will be requested items or subjects. Third priority will be purchase of items representative of controversial subjects.  Final priority will be acquistion in areas not previously represented in the collection.  Each year, items from each category should be added.




           Fiction--Western Collection


Readership for western fiction has shown a steady decline.  Purchase and replacement will be in paper or large print format.  No new hardback, small-print westerns will be purchased but donations may be accepted.  Standard titles will be replaced.


     Fiction--Science Fiction


Science Fiction titles will be acquired by donation.  Standard titles will be purchased for replacement.  Patron requests will be considered in acquisition. 




Fantasy titles will be acquired by donation.  Standard titles will be purchased for replacement.  Patron requests will be considered in acquisition.



     Fiction--Mystery Collection


Mystery titles will be acquired by donation and purchase.  Book club, book seller and best seller lists will be reviewed for current titles.  Standard titles will be purchased for replacement.  Patron requests will be considered in acquisition.


     Fiction--General Fiction


General Fiction titles will be acquired by donation and purchase.  Book club, book seller and best seller lists will be reviewed for current titles.  Standard titles will be purchased for replacement.  Patron requests will be considered in acquisition.




Preference will be given to Newbury, Caldecott, and Sequoyah award-winning titles.  Accelerated Reader and titles chosen for summer storytime emphasis and special events will also be purchased.  Standard titles will be replaced.


     Fiction--Young Adult


Preference will be given to Newbury, Caldecott, and Sequoyah award-winning titles.  Standard titles will be replaced.  Educational reading lists and patron requests will be considered.


2.      Graphic Novel/Anime

The Hennessey Public Library is committed to encouraging reading by teenagers who have a difficult time maintaining a reading interest; therefore graphic novels and anime will be included as a special young adult collection.


I.                   Determination of Merit


A.    Patron Demand

                                                                          i.      Worldwide, graphic novels are in high demand among both teenage boys and girls. 

                                                                        ii.      At the Hennessey Public Library, preteens, teens and young adults are encouraged to select the types of books they want to read, and have expressed a desire for this media.

                                                                      iii.      The Teen Council will make recommendations for purchase of graphic novels and anime titles.

B.     Educational Merit

                                                                          i.      Graphic novels offer a style of literature that allows visual stimulation and a reading pace comfortable to intermediate and reluctant readers.

                                                                        ii.      The archetypical conflict between good and evil is the central theme of this type of literature, articulated in common vernacular.

                                                                      iii.      Though the violence of the conflict between good and evil is depicted in graphic terms, these books provide teenagers with a non-violent way for them to work out their own internal conflicts.

                                                                      iv.      Graphic novels and Anime are gateway literature, introducing reluctant readers to classic themes of fantasy, mythology, and ethics and encouraging exploration of standard literature.

C.     Artistic Merit

                                                                          i.      Graphic novels offer an open doorway to the different art styles of the Japanese culture.

                                                                        ii.      Teenagers will have the opportunity to explore the different styles of Anime artwork as they pertain to a storyline.


II.                Age Ratings


A.    Graphic novels rated 13+ and T (Teen) will be located in the YA section of the library.  This literature contains graphic violence and mild language.

B.     Graphic novels rated T+  (Older Teen) will be located in the adult section of the library.  Materials will be monitored to determine that subject matter does not include content that falls under the definition of “Sexually explicit subject matter.”  Any “sexually explicit subject matter” prohibited by statute will not be included in the collection. This is content that describes or depicts sexual conduct as defined in Section 1024.1 of Title 21 of the Oklahoma Statutes and is presented in specific and graphic detail so that a prurient interest in sex is promoted.  Under the legal definition, sexually explicit subject matter shall not mean content that merely mentions or references sexual content. 

C.     Though materials will be located in age-appropriate locations, check-out will not be restricted by librarians unless a parent or guardian places those restrictions on the child’s account.



3.         Serials


Newspapers and periodicals will be obtained for both information and recreational reading.  Local newspapers will be archived  to capacity of available storage space .  Periodicals will be archived for one year.  The Hennessey Clipper will be purchased on microfilm and placed in the Bill Buie Memorial collection.




4.          Vertical File


The Vertical File collection ( clippings, pamphlets, maps, and other current materials)  is maintained for reference at the circulation desk.  These items will be catalogued on the automated system.


B.  Non-Print Formats




Videos in VHS and DVD format will be included in the library collection as a source of information and entertainment. (moved from Video/DVD Collection Policy) 1. Library staff will give priority to the purchase of award-winning materials as determined by recognized authorities in the entertainment industry or educational field, such as the American Film Institute(AFI), the National Education Association (NEA), the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA), the American Library Association (ALA), and others.  Video listed on the AFI 100 Best Movies List will be given priority for purchase and will be placed in the Hutoka Ortman Memorial Film Collection. Moved from Video/DVD Collection Policy) Defective or missing videos from this collection will be replaced to maintain the memorial. Town budget, State Aid, and Special Library budget monies will be used to purchase a number of AFI videos until the collection is complete.


The Library will purchase or accept donation of "R" rated movies only when the film has compelling artistic merit. This merit shall be determined by the following criteria:


1.  Artistic merit as determined by professional consensus evidenced in such documents as reviews, journal endorsements, awards, peer recommendation, inclusion in recognized collections or anthologies, et al.

2.  Classic status as evidenced by reinterpretive presentations in a variety of media over a number of generations.

3.  Historical value.

4.  Insight into human or social conditions.

5.  Literary or educational application.

6.  Inclusion in the lifetime body of work of an acclaimed film professional.

7.  “R” rated videos on the AFI 100 Best Film list will be purchased.




     Audio Recordings--Acquisition


Audio recordings of abridged and unabridged books will be acquired by donation and purchase. 

Music recordings will be acquired through purchase and donation in current media formats.


     Puzzles and Games--Acquisition


Puzzles and games will be acquired by donation and purchase.  Both puzzles and games will be available for circulation.  Selected games will be used in the library only.



     Electronic Resources--Acquisition


CD  materials will be acquired by donation and purchase.  The Library will maintain a CD collection for reference purposes and circulation.   Preference will be given to abridged bestsellers and music on CD  representative of the classics, American popular music through the 1980's and international artists.


·         Electronic Resources--Access


      CD and Flash Drives

Patrons may access library CD  materials on the public computers, as well as their own personal materials.



      Internet access is provided on the public computers (See Internet Access Policy).



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