It is the mission of the Hennessey Public Library to offer unrestricted free access to information to patrons.  The library will not limit access to any library materials or information obtained from library materials including but not limited to books, tapes, serials, electronic media, or Internet.


Library cards will be available free of charge to patrons of the library who are 6 years of age or older.  Nonpatrons will pay a fee.  All patrons will be personally responsible for all information accessed and materials checked out using their library card number.  Library materials will be checked out for loan to patrons without respect to age, gender, sex, ethnic background, or physical impairment.  A parent or guardian responsible for materials borrowed on a juvenile card may restrict materials loaned on the card.


I.          PATRONS


POLICY STATEMENT:  Any resident of Kingfisher County, or person who goes to school, or works, or owns a business in the county and completes a library card application will be considered a patron of the Hennessey Library.




POLICY STATEMENT:  An applicant must be 6 years or age or older to apply for a library card.  A responsible person must sign the application of a minor child.  This person is responsible for the fines and other charges that may occur in the use of the card.  Oklahoma Statute 1040.75 defines a minor as an unmarried person less than 18 years of age.




POLICY STATEMENT:  Applicants who do not live in Kingfisher County and who do not support the library through tax money from employment, education, or business must pay a fee of $10.00 per year for a library card.




1.  Applicants who cannot verify a Kingfisher county address for residence, employment, education, or business will be informed of the $10.00 fee.

2.  Staff will collect the fee for deposit into the library’s special account.

3.  Non-patron will be given a receipt for the fee.

4.  An expiration date of one year from issue will be printed on the face of the card.




POLICY STATEMENT:  There will be a $1.00 charge for replacing lost or stolen cards.

V.            LOAN PERIOD


POLICY STATEMENT:  The maximum loan period for library materials is 30 days.




1.  Books and audio tapes may be checked out for loan for a period of two weeks and renewed for an additional two weeks.

2.  Video tapes, CDs and DVDs may be checked out for one week and may be renewed for an additional week.




POLICY STATEMENT:  There will be a limit on the number of materials loaned per card.


1.   Only two audio or print books in a series may be checked out per card.

2.  No more than a total of ten items may be checked out per individual card.

3.   Four movies may be checked out per individual card.

4.   No more than a total of 40 items may be checked out per family card.

5.   No more than twelve videos may be checked out on a family card.

6.   No more than three family members in a single household may hold individual cards.

7.   Families of four or more in a single household must share a family card.

8.   A family card will be issued in the name of an adult in the household.




POLICY STATEMENT:  Overdue materials are subject to a fine and must be returned before other materials may be borrowed; however, the fine for materials shall not exceed recorded cost.  There will also be a grace period and periodic amnesty or half-price fines.




1.  The fine for audio/print books is five cents per day.

2.  The fine for video tape, CD, or DVD is one dollar per day.

3.  The day the material is due and the day returned will not be included in calculation.




POLICY STATEMENT:  Patron records are confidential and are protected by Oklahoma law (Title 65, Oklahoma Statutes, supp. 1985, Section 1-105).  A library patron is allowed to view his own record and library staff may make copies at the patron’s request.  No records will be viewed, printed, or released to individuals other than librarians engaged in library business, or the patron, except with the patron’s written authorization or by order of a court of law.





POLICY STATEMENT:  A juvenile library card must be signed by a parent or other adult who agrees to be responsible for items borrowed on the card.




1.  Juvenile cards will not be issued without the signature of a responsible party.

2.  In the absence of a parent or guardian, any adult may be responsible for a juvenile card without respect to familial relationship.




POLICY STATEMENT:  The parent, guardian, or responsible party has the right to cancel the juvenile patron card for his child and also has the right to restrict materials borrowed on the card.  However, the privacy of the juvenile borrower is protected by law, and the responsible party may access the record of the juvenile borrower only with the permission of the juvenile.




1.  A parent or guardian may direct the library to cancel a juvenile card by signing a Juvenile Patron Card Cancellation form.

2.  Should a parent or guardian choose to restrict the borrowing of certain library materials, the librarian will insert a blocking message or blocking code in the computer record of the juvenile.

3.  A parent or guardian may choose to revoke computer access only and allow the minor child to retain all other library privileges.

4.  The patron status of a child may be reinstated by the parent at any time or by the child upon reaching the age of majority.



Revised and Adopted February 6, 2003



POLICY STATEMENT: The Hennessey Public Library is committed to the freedom to read and view legally accessible materials. Until the question of legality of providing “R” rated videos to juveniles is settled, the Library will restrict check out of these materials to Adults, specifically adults 18 years of age or older.


1. A patron who wishes to check out “R” rated materials must have a designation of “Adult” on the library record.
2. The age of the patron may be verified by driver’s license, parental verification, or birth certificate.
3. Patrons under 18 who have been declared emancipated are not exempt.

Adopted February 6, 2003
Revised July 10, 2003
Revised Jan. 10, 2008
Approved as written Dec. 8, 2011